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About Boann

In 2004, Boann was established in Southern California. Founded upon the cohesion between luxury and modern faucet design, Boann has set forth to change the market of home faucets and fixtures, concurrent with reshaping the way we perceive and appreciate such products. As you will observe Boann products are developed with the highest-grade materials and thus are resilient, beautifully designed and splendid to look at.

Boann’s products are made with nothing less than solid 304 stainless steel, which material is corrosion and rust resistant and austenitic. Not only does solid 304 stainless steel guarantee better water quality by preventing the development of deleterious substances and bacteria, but it also has high tensile strength, high ductility and low yield stress, making Boann premium faucets both long lasting and a healthy alternative.

In addition to the health and longevity benefits of solid 304 stainless steel, Boann faucets are elegantly designed and will invariably enhance the look of any kitchen or bathroom.

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